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A Century Since We 1st Flew – Are We Now Back to the Birds?

Here are some strange flying machines, either human powered, or flying with only wings and no fuselage – yet jet powered.  1st let’s look at 8 strange human powered aircraft, then the high speed airman from Switzerland, Yves Rossy, better known as the JETMAN.  Mr. Rossy’s back- pack mounted Jet Wing apparatus weighs about 121 pounds (55 Kilos) when filled with its kerosene jet fuel.

And now, Mr. Rossy, the JETMAN (7:25 long):

Here is another (14:48 long) video with a breathtaking exhibition of JETMAN making record flights in world renown scenic places including the Grand Canyon, followed by an insightful interview of Mr. Rossy in a catptivating TED talk:

Here is the first, and current, official 4 minute long teaser unveiling a Jetman Dubai world-first, an extraordinary step towards completely autonomous personal flight. This trailer introduces us to the upcoming feature-length documentary, “LOFT: The Jetman Story.” It features Jetman pilots Yves Rossy, Vince Reffet and Fred Fugen who are seen flying in formation through the ruggedly picturesque fjords of Norway. “The Ultimate Dream of Human Flight

Here are the links if you’d enjoy following Jetman Dubai on social media: #JetmanLoft