Hi-Tech F-35 “Lightning II” Stealth Fighter Has Engine Issues

RAAF-F-35-Luke-taxi      F-35 Taxiing at Luke AFB, Arizona – This and following photos courtesy of the USAFF-35 Lightning II Arrival                      F-35 Lighting II Fighter Taxis at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada

2 F-35's in formation above clouds 001                      Two F-35 Lightnings Flying in Tactical Formation Above Clouds.Streaking through the sky          F-35 Hi-Speed Climb Causing Condensation Trails from Wing Air Compression

Breaking News: The GAO (Government Accountability Office) claims the F-35 Pratt & Whitney engines to be so seriously unreliable that the issue is stalling the planned increase in production of the hi-tech fighter.  The Lockheed F-35, is the most costly weapons system ever put into production. In addition to this latest setback, the GAO reports that continuing problems with the aircraft’s software are still not fully resolved, posing more serious problems regarding future deployments of the fighter.  For more news of this breaking story see major news outlets.

6 thoughts on “Hi-Tech F-35 “Lightning II” Stealth Fighter Has Engine Issues

  1. fasfric Post author

    Yes, it is. The cost of that Lockheed machine is almost beyond comprehension, and the problems don’t seem to end. As for the F-16s, I hadn’t heard of that problem, but living near Luke you’d know. I remember when the Goldwater Gunnery Range was simply classified or called the “Gila Gunnery Range.” But that’s a few years ago 😉 When those new Lighting II Fighters show off they are certainly impressive, but guess that’s what we paid for. Now, if we
    can just work out the bugs before we lose any more of them – or their pilots!

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