Here’s an Air Show on Steroids – Cameron MO

Still from Video 001While only four and a half minutes (4:30 long) of death defying and thrilling aerobatics, this is an outstanding example of how exciting a well-orchestrated Air Show should play out.  At this show there probably weren’t any spectator complaints that they didn’t get their money’s worth.


Then just click on any of these 3 still photos to watch the Vimeo video roll.  The exciting video is once again thanks to our FASF news scout, Jerry Dixon, former Marine Corps Fighter Pilot. If, like Jerry and other alert FASF members, you should run across something you feel you’d like to share with visitors to our website, please email us or write comments about your find right here on site – – – and we’ll look over your discovery.  This Cameron Air Show videography is but one more fine example from that extremely talented aviation photo and video journalist, Scott Slocum.Still from Video 002Above is a small Pitts Special Biplane flying sideways and cockeyed down the runway with its smoke generator going full blast – Also a dangerous job for the ground crew in spotting for this maneuver!Still from Video 004Yes, you are seeing something hard to believe:  The Pitts Special flies right off the deck while a stunt motorcyclist times his flip ramp-jump to coincide with the passing airplane!

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