New Horizons NASA Probe Sets Record as it Flies Past Pluto!

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Whatever you do, please, if at all possible, take the time to watch the event that just took place in the historic fly-by of the dwarf planet, Pluto, just yesterday.  Almost 10 years in the making, this event should stagger one’s imagination.  The vast number of miles covered by this probe’s flight path is not really even imaginable in human terms: over 3 Billion miles!

Electronic communication between the probe’s earth guidance crew, travelling at the speed of light, takes over four and a half hours just to make the transit time to the probe, and of course it takes the probe’s communications to earth the same length of time.

 Launched from Cape Canaveral back in 2006, and soon travelling at the blazing speed of 30,800 miles per hour, an all time earth launched space vehicle speed record, it was soon too far from the Solar System’s core, the Sun, to be able to use the usual solar power other space vehicles use, so it had to resort to it’s own on-board source of energy, which was nuclear.  Yes, the New Horizons Probe is nuclear powered.

Here, below, are some other new videos, if you have the extra time, to help you become better educated about this record-breaking American scientific adventure. Over the next few days we will be amazed by these never before seen views of the Sun’s most distant “Dwarf Planet.”

      Above, watch the NASA New Horizons team celebrate at their probe successfully flies by Pluto!

We give our thanks to the NASA and JPL teams for these exciting videos and still photos of this historic space adventure.

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