AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL – An Animated View from the Air

Once again, many thanks to our ever vigilant website staff member – and regular Aviation News Contributor –  Jerry Dixon, USMC Aviator (Retired), we have this unusual and upbeat video view of our nation from the air – and ostensibly viewed from one of the early Wright Flyer craft.  The video is only 5 Minutes and 43 Seconds long.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

As usual, simply click on the above image and make sure your sound is turned on so you can enjoy the fine musical scoring supplied.

This video is a product of Yessian Music (Vimeo) or Yessian (YouTube). Yessian’s well established creativity is demonstrated in this short animation, but this time from the AIR and over America, at that.  This latest composition of sight and sound is an installation from Shenzhen, China via Super 78 and is directed by Brent Young.

You might like to experience and witness some more of the wide-ranging clients and type of creative work done by this unusual agency by watching this short 1 minute video creation from Yessian Music for another of its clients, the U. S. Navy.  This Recruiting video is entitled U. S. NAVY PIN MAP, – – – and seen on Vimeo.

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  1. July McClure

    This was great. I fell in love with this country all over again. Thanks for sending. I am sharing it on my Facebook. July


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