The famous Ford Trimotor is again providing once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for the public to experience – first hand – the excitement of stepping back in a time machine to a period long before jet airliners or computers, let alone cell phones, some 89 years ago, in the vintage airliner created by the Ford Motor Car Company – which was busily concurrently making its latest Model A automobiles.  The below video is only 5:22 in length, excluding the short clip’s credits.

Several years ago, when the Ford Trimotor last visited Santa Teresa Jet Port adjacent to El Paso, Texas, all-time records were broken in the number of riders taken aloft.  This weekend’s attendance is already approaching some 200 riders.  If tomorrow’s weather is favorable, the number should easily exceed that count.

Local El Pasoan, Steve Lambrick, who flies as a Jet Captain for a major U.S. airline and is one of the small handful of pilots qualified to fly the famous antique airliner, is also an active member of the local EAA Chapter 1570.  Fortunately, he was able to arrange getting  selected to Captain the Trimotor for his fellow New Mexicans – – – and Texans.  Steve also keeps a second a home in San Francisco, more convenient for his airline work.

Captain Lambrick explained, during a break between flights, that there are numerous challenges the pilot faces when flying this vintage plane.  He described how the airliner takes an almost inordinate amount of physical strength to just manipulate the controls, particularly the rudders, which are critically needed, if one is to accomplish smooth turns, which are a necessity, if the passengers are to go home happy with their vintage flight experience.

If you read this in time, keep in mind that reservations are not necessary in order to experience this exciting adventure, but you may have to wait a while longer for the chance to board.  However, the wait itself can be interesting, because it’s possible to visit the adjacent War Eagles Air Museum, which maintains a comfortable temperature when the thermometer peaks outside.  The Museum is packed with a fascinating and large collection of, primarily, Wold War II vintage war planes.

Ticket prices are; Adults – $70, Children up to 17 – $50; and the walk up or no reservation prices are only five dollars more.  Rides will be given Sunday between 9:00 AM and 5 PM.

More information may be obtained by going to FLYTHEFORD.ORG and reservations are made by calling 1-877-952-5395.

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