Lockheed’s “Skunk Works” to Produce a Blackbird Successor!

Thanks to our FASF Aviation News Scout, Jerry Dixon (former USMC Aviator), we have learned that the rumors are true:  Lockheed’s famed “Skunk Works” research facility has been working for years on a radical new successor to the renown 1st Aero Squadron’s SR-71 Blackbird, which older ship still securely holds all titles as the world’s fastest jet aircraft – – – of any kind.  But it was so expensive to operate that the USAF finally decided to permanently put it out to pasture back in January 1997.  According the the USAF: The SR-71 Blackbird “is a long-range, advanced, strategic reconnaissance aircraft.  Its first flight took place on December 22, 1964.  The Air Force retired its entire SR-71 fleet on January 26, 1990, but once again returned them to renewed service from 1995 until January 1997.”

It’s worthy to mention that one of our FASF Advisors is General Patrick Halloran, who was not only a Commanding Officer of the First Aero Squadron at Beale AFB, CA. (in 1969), but was also one of the prestigious  and small handful of select USAF pilots to have been a fully qualified SR-71 pilot.

Here’s the latest video news (4:59) from Lockheed about the upcoming Blackbird replacement:



The above video commentary was provided by    “All In One A-1 Web Service.”  The fact based statements of All in One, which is situated in Great Britain, have been verified as correct.  The video itself was produced by Lockheed Martin Corporation.


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