War Eagles Supporters Gather to Celebrate the Holidays

Last year, Bob Dockendorf, loyal supporter of the FASF and Executive Director of the War Eagles Air Museum  (WEAM), which is also a long time local FASF business supporter, orchestrated the highly successful 75th anniversary Pearl Harbor Memorial Dinner at the Museum.  Now, in 2017, Bob has once again outdone himself with this year’s successful event in honor of the museum’s many local supporters, volunteers and friends.

February 2017 Photo of front of WEAM showing FASF Advisor, Col. John Orton and an EAA Young Eagle and his sister walking out to his first airplane ride in Colonel Orton’s aircraft.

L to R: Bob Dockendorf greets arriving guests; Jenine Hemphill, April Terrell and Dave Daniels

WEAM has an outstandingly magnificent collection of primarily WWII aircraft, but also has some pre-war relics as well as a colorful array of antique automobiles to view.  Only minutes from downtown El Paso, Texas, the Museum should be on anyone’s “must see” list when in the area.  By simply clicking on the two links above you can see some of the esteemed collection of these antique airplanes and automobiles.

WEAM is open Tuesday through Sundays from 10 AM to 4 PM.  Children can learn a great deal about their country’s aviation history in their visit, and will have an opportunity for some interactive fun with things like the “fly it yourself” helicopter simulator.

As with most museums of this type, the participation of numerous volunteers to help the paid full time staff, is an essential factor for the museum’s success.  These volunteers play an indispensable roll in seeing that the museum runs smoothly, acting primarily as docents for the facility’s daily stream of visitors.  It is primarily to these and other significant contributors to the museum’s operation, that Mr. Dockendorf seeks to thank each year with this traditionally festive dinner and its entertainment.  This year Bob retained a talented Magician, Jamie O’Hara,  to help lighten the festivities, which he certainly managed to accomplish.

The following are photos of the many guests and notables, primarily from the El Paso and New Mexico area (These photos may be copied and seen in full size by simply clicking on them):


Bob Dockendorf chats with WEAM’s co-founder, Betty MacGuire’s daughter, Carol Johnson.

L to R: Bob Dockendorf, Ralph Navar, and Carol Johnson

L to R: Jenine Hemphill speaks with Deb Rothchild, EAA Youth Coordinator and Instructor Pilot at Red Arrow Flight AcademyThe Academy is a long time Business Supporter of the First Aero Squadron Foundation.

L to R: FASF Members Charlie Overstreet, his wife, Mayre Sue; and Mike McNamee and his wife Marcia.  Mike regularly flies a retired Army Helicopter and his wife, Marcia is a talented artist, whose murals adorn their large hangar at Santa Teresa’s Jetport.

L to R: Mari and Juan Brito behind Ralph Navar, with April Terrell.  Juan is a member of the El Paso Aviation Hall of Fame.

L to R: Daedalian Flight Captain, Roger Nichols; Bill Provance, Director of the Luna County International Jetport; and FASF Advisor, Col. John Orton, Esq.  The men are conversing while standing in front of a WWII Primary Trainer, the Boeing PT-17 Stearman biplane.

L to R: Roger Nichols; Bob Dockendorf; Laura and Paul Angiano

L to R: Jenine Hemphill, Dario and Mrs. Ginny Toffenetti.  The Toffenetti’s have lived in El Paso for some 40 years, but originally came from the Chicago, IL area. Dario has been flying since the WWII era, and once flew from the same but now abandoned airport near Chicago at which your webmaster once worked and flew – during the same period. He has long worked at restoring antique aircraft as a hobby and is deeply involved with WEAM.  

L to R: Mike McNamee; Bill Provance; and Col. John Orton engaged in hangar talk. Boeing PT-17 is behind them.

L to R: George Guerra, WEAM Operations Manager and  Jessy Tesougas welcome Melissa Keithly to the party.  Melissa is the wife of EAA Chapter 1570 President, John Keithly, and a vital cog in the wheels of that organization’s operations.  Jessy is a student pilot who won the recent EAA Chapter’s Flight Training Scholarship award.

L to R: Jessy Tesougas; Kathryn Guerra (daughter of George Guerra WEAM operations Mgr.; her friend, Robert Diaz (fellow student from the University of Texas El Paso – “UTEP”) and George Guerra.

L to R: Melissa Keithly; June and Buck McMillie, Mary Dockendorf and Mayre Sue Overstreet.

L to R: Benny Miller and George Medina.

L to R: Patti and Alan Russel with Juan Brito.

L to R: Dr. Tom Navar and his wife, Tracy with April Terrell.

Master of Ceremonies, Bob Dockendorf announcing it’s time for Dinner to begin.

The first group of guests begins to collect their dinner from the buffet tables.

View of the diners gathering their food as seen through the wings of the Boeing PT-17 biplane.

L to R: Magician Jamie O’Hara and Charlie Overstreet; Virg Hemphill and his wife, Jenine, and Charlie’s wife, Mayre Sue Overstreet, and Roger Nichols.  All at the table are both active Daedalians and members of the FASF.

From center L clockwise around table: Paul and Laura Angiano; Becky; Mike and Marcia McNamee; Dario and Ginny Toffenetti.

L to R: Jackson and Wendy Polk; Deb Rothchild; Gus and Magnolia Hebrok; John and Melinda Signorino.  Jackson Polk is the co-host of The El Paso History Show, broadcast each week on radio station KTSM and John Signorino is the VP of the EAA Chapter 1570, whose home is the WEAM.

L to R: Juan and Mari Brito; Melissa Keithly; Elsie Wright; George Medina and (partly obscured) Benny Miller.

L to R: Charlie Overstreet; Virg and Jenine Hemphill; Mayre Sue Overstreet; Roger Nichols and Ric Lambart.

L to R, clockwise: Laura and Paul Angiano; Kathy Barnicoat; Becky; Mike and Marcia McNamee; and Dario and Ginny ToffenettiKathy is in charge of the busy and highly successful WEAM Gift Shop.

Bob Dockendorf addressing the guests to describe the upcoming entertainment program.

L to R: Game time: Deb Rothchild; John Signorino; Jessy Tesougas; and Bob Diaz from UTEP

Bob Dockendorf wishing everyone a cheerful good evening.

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