JN3 OX-5 Engines to Huge Double Wasps, Jets, Ram Jets and –


Don’t know what they are?

Well, as you’d expect, they’re a far cry from the early Curtiss OX-5 reciprocating engines that powered the First Aero’s famous Jennies, but since they might otherwise be unknown to you, we’re here to help you learn what these engines are.  We’re here to help bring you all up to speed about aviation, since American Civil as well as Military Aviation (Air Power) both got their true launching – and re-launching – right here in Columbus.

And, is it not true that the airplane has done more to shrink the effective size of the world than any other invention?

Enjoy this excellent 10 minute video, featuring Australian Professor, David Mee,  about the ultimate jet – – – the SCRAMJET power plant for hypersonic flight.

SCRAMJETS are NOT rocket engines, such as those we see pushing our space craft into orbits and beyond.

These advanced SCRAMJET engines are not only unimaginably powerful, but they can push aircraft well beyond MACH 6, which is six (6) times the speed of sound, for those of you not familiar with the meaning of MACH.

The finest jet engines cannot drive their aircraft beyond about MACH 3.5, at which speed limit the Ramjet is required.  Then we can move the craft beyond MACH 3.5 to about MACH 6, – – – and that’s the speed at which the SCRAMJET takes over . . .

QUESTION: What class of the above described jet engines were used to power the famous SR-71 flown by the First Aero Squadron?

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