More Unidentified Flying Objects Being Openly Reported

Many of you most likely heard the news two days ago, on Tuesday, when it was reported by all the major domestic TV networks, that the Albuquerque Air Traffic Control Center had just dealt with a report from two commercial aircraft and their professional pilots, both traveling towards the West over New Mexico and Arizona, that they had seen an object (UFO?) above them moving towards the East.

The FAA chose, in an unusual move, to release the actual recorded conversations between the Air Traffic Controller and the pilots involved in the incident.  None of the pilots could accurately identify what the strange vehicle was, and the made some humorous remarks that it might have been a UFO, or a “weather balloon” – – – which was likely a sarcastic reference to the famous Roswell incident of 71 years ago, in which the USAF quickly altered their first public information release describing a UFO wreck to one of a wrecked “weather balloon.”

It would appear that the old government policy of secrecy regarding such incidents has finally been abandoned.

Here, below, is the actual Air Traffic Controller’s communications with the pilots flying over Arizona and New Mexico.  The official recording soundtrack has been spliced with a separate stock royalty-free view from an airliner for special effect.  Therefor the video portion is not of either of the reporting aircraft, but the the audio is that of the actual conversation.  Note that the Air Traffic Controller did not “see” the UFO on his radar screens.

It is interesting to note that the UFOs are often picked up by radar, but others in the vicinity cannot see them with their naked eyes, and vice versa is also regularly the case.

There had been a great deal of activity in this field of trying to identify these strange  vehicles ever since the mysterious news about our first official sighting of an unidentified flying object that ostensibly crashed near Roswell, NM in 1947, shortly after the end of WWII.  It was either on or close to July 4, 1947 when this famous incident occurred.  Here is the official New Mexico government description of that event.

For the most part, ever since the Roswell Incident, there has been a growing group of people interested in the entire subject, and these UFO enthusiasts, if one can call them that, can now be found in every corner of the globe. Some of these self-described UFO experts have even pointed out that there are pieces of art dating back thousands of years in which UFO and modern type air vehicles were depicted – and those ancient artifacts look astoundingly similar to both modern UFO (flying saucer varieties) shapes as well as those of modern day helicopters.

However, during the years following Roswell, the official policy of the U.S. Government and its agencies has been to keep the matter quiet and to issue no news releases, or any kind of overt official commentary, for that matter.  This old secretive posture now appears to a changing policy.  It is now well established that the Air Force established a special secret project entitled “Project Blue Book” in the year 1947, but the secret USAF enterprise was not discontinued until 1969.  For those 27 intervening years, a massive amount of data was accumulated, material resulting from both civilian and military reports of  UFO phenomena.  Sometimes such UFO incidents are simultaneously seen be so many civilians, both here and abroad, that the press could not ignore the witnesses, and, accordingly some fairly recent mass sightings of UFO’s have made international headlines. Six years ago, in 2012, the National Geographic Society actually published its list of “Ten Mass Sightings of UFOs.”  But, while this article drew attention to some major incidents with large masses of witnesses, they neglected to mention the huge sighting in Mexico City by hundreds of thousands of Mexicans, who witnessed a large group of fighter type UFO vehicles above and South of Mexico City in 1997,

Just recently, the news media also released recordings of several Navy pilots flying off an aircraft carrier near San Diego, similar to this Tuesday’s incident with the American Airlines pilots, in which the Navy F-18 pilots were alerted by their shipboard (USS Nimitz) radar operator that there was a mysterious “target” near them – – – and the pilots were requested to investigate.  As the pilots observed (in the recorded radio transmissions), the “object” could not be identified.  But it did not behave as do modern day aircraft, but rather did things normal earth designed airplanes cannot accomplish in terms of speed and sudden changes of direction and altitude.  Here, below, is the formerly classified incident, as seen by the fighter’s own gunnery camera.  And the audio is that of the pilots’ communication with the Nimitz.

Just recently, one of the former Navy fighter pilots, David Fravor,  who took part in the short UFO chase back in 2004, told his story on national TV.

So, the question, “are we alone,” may now be taking on another dimension.

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