Latest Navy Blue Angels’ Video – Inside and Outside Action

Thanks again to our Aviation Scout, Virg Hemphill, for finding this outstanding video segment of the US Navy Flight Demonstration Team busily practicing their maneuvers.  This is excellent video footage taken both inside their jets as well as of them from the outside.  This video is only 3:43 in length, and little descriptive text is required, since the film speaks for itself.  But this does show why it’s easy to become enthusiastic about flying these high performance Fighters.

Don’t hesitate to click your browser into Full-Screen Mode in order to get the best vantage of the cavorting jet fighters.  And remember to turn on your sound also.  You might wonder, if you’re not a pilot, why the Naval Aviator seen here is grimacing so often:  It’s because he is tightening his stomach muscles in order to prevent himself from “blacking out” from the high “G” forces (“g” is for gravity).  The aircraft you see here are the Blue Angel’s new McDonnell-Douglas manufactured F-18 Hornets.

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